Media Lies Again With ‘Man Buys Missile Launcher During Gun Buyback Program’

Rocket launchers roaming our city streets and being turned in at gun buyback programs is a fake story the Old Media establishment has repeatedly promulgated as real and I am getting a bit sick and tired of it.

Early in January I noted an instance where the media went gaga over “missile launchers” that were turned in at a gun buyback program in Los Angeles. Then I noted that the so-called “rocket launchers” where really nothing of the kind.

As it happens the items scarily reported as “rocket launchers” were really just useless and harmless plastic tubes from which no “rocket” could be launched. Some were one-use tubes that had already been used by the military–and could never be loaded with another rocket– but, worse, some were training devices that never could have launched a rocket in the first place and were just visual aides for new soldiers. Essentially these so-called “rocket launchers” were just danger-free plastic relics.

A baseball bat is more dangerous than these so-called “rocket launchers.”

Absurdly, the incident above wasn’t the only time the news media lied about scary rocket launchers being turned in to L.A. police.

Well, this week we have yet another example of this lie being pushed to the public with the sole goal of scaring everyone into thinking that people are roaming the streets with evil, evil “rocket launchers.”

This time it is Seattle Police making the false claim and the media mindlessly helping them push the tall tale.

CBS Seattle reports,

Seattle police worked with Army officials Monday to track down the history of a nonfunctional missile launcher that showed up at a weapons buyback program and determine whether it was legal or possibly stolen from the military.

A man standing outside the event Saturday bought the military weapon for $100 from another person there, according to Detective Mark Jamieson.

Once again, what was in play here is a SINGLE-USE rocket tube that HAD ALREADY BEEN USED and is now just a plastic relic.

This story is a NON STORY. This tube is just useless garbage that has only one use: as a wall hanger to look cool. It is no longer a weapon and could not be made into one.

The police and the media are simply lying with these stories. The devices they keep reporting on are just harmless hunks of plastic.

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