Israel Goes There

I noted last week in The Law of Corollaries and the Iron Law of Unintended Consequences that Iran had proclaimed that “…any attack on Syria would be deemed an attack on Iran…” The Jewish state, it appears, was unimpressed:

Israeli Jets Bomb Syrian Military Site

In what was the first clear instance of aggression by Israel toward Syria, overnight Israeli jets conducted a bombing run over a military site in Syria, targeting what according to Israel was a military convoy heading to Lebanon. As Al Arabiya reports:

“Israeli jets bombed a convoy on Syria’s border with Lebanon on Wednesday, sources told Reuters, apparently targeting weapons destined for Hezbollah in what some called a warning to Damascus not to arm Israel’s Lebanese enemy. “The target was a truck loaded with weapons, heading from Syria to Lebanon,” said one Western diplomat, adding that the consignment may well have included anti-aircraft missiles. The overnight attack, which several sources placed on the Syrian side of the border, followed warnings from Israel that it was ready to act to prevent the revolt against President Bashar al-Assad leading to Syria’s chemical weapons and modern rockets reaching either his Hezbollah allies or his Islamist enemies.”

Location of IAF Airstrike on Weapons Convoy bound for Lebanon

No doubt the U. S. Secretary of State will observe: “What difference does it make?”

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