The New Immigration Reform Plans Look A Lot Like George Bush’s Plan


It’s Immigration Reform day!!! We’ve been down this road before though.

2007 (abridged):

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Must Accomplish Five Clear Objectives

1. Securing The Border

Under The Bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill, Temporary Worker And Z Visas Will Not Be Issued Until Meaningful Border Security And Worksite Enforcement Benchmarks Are Met.

2. Holding Employers Accountable For The Workers They Hire

The Bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill Sets Up A Sophisticated Electronic EEVS To Give Employers The Tools They Need To Verify The Status Of Workers. EEVS will require workers to present a limited range of stronger and more readily verifiable identification documents, which will be checked electronically against Federal and State databases.

3. Creating A Temporary Worker Program

Under The Senate Bill, A Temporary Worker Program Will Allow U.S. Law Enforcement To Focus More Resources On Apprehending Violent Criminals And Terrorists.

4. Resolving The Status Of The Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Already In The Country

The Bill Will Strengthen Our National Security By Bringing The Millions Of Illegal Workers Already Here Out Of The Shadows – Without Amnesty.

5. Finding New Ways To Help Newcomers Assimilate Into Our Society

The Bill Will Strengthen The Assimilation Of New Immigrants.


According to the memo, the group will write legislation that evaluates and strengthens border security with more resources, such as unmanned aerial vehicles and agents, while simultaneously requiring undocumented residents to register with the government. Once they pass a background check, pay a fine and back taxes, they can earn probationary legal status to live and work in legally in the country. They will not be allowed to access federal benefits during this time, and will then be able to go to the back of the line to earn a green card.

“Our purpose is to ensure that no one who has violated America’s immigration laws will receive preferential treatment as they relate to those individuals who have complied with the law,” the document reads.

Two groups of undocumented immigrants will be exempt from the process: individuals brought to the U.S. as minor children and workers in the agricultural industry. The latter group will “be treated differently than the rest of the undocumented population because of the role they play in ensuring that Americans have safe and secure agricultural products to sell and consume,” the document says. They will be able to earn citizenship through a new agricultural work program.

The framework also says that those brought as minor children will not face the same requirements as other undocumented immigrants, but does not state what the new requirements will be. It does not address the deferred action program Obama announced in 2012.

Reforms to the existing legal immigration system include a renewed focus on the most important areas of the economy but also seek to reduce backlogs in family and employment visa categories. The group will propose that any immigrants who earn a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in science, technology, engineering or math from an American university will receive a green card.

President Obama has endorsed the Senate’s bipartisan plan and laid out his own plan, and a separate Senate group pushed more details on the changes to the H-1B program.

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