AMC Developing Sitcom Titled ‘We Hate Paul Revere’

One of America’s most famous patriots is slated for a little attention on the AMC cable network–perhaps regrettably so. There may soon be a bit of hate going around for him with a new AMC sitcom in development called “We Hate Paul Revere.” So much for sitcoms where “everyone loves” someone, eh? And so much for patriotism.

According to reports, the show is being written and executive produced by writer-actors Ethan Sandler and Adrian Wenner. The show apparently centers on two brothers living in Colonial Boston who are not fans of famed Boston entrepreneur, Paul Revere.

Revere was a well-known businessman and silversmith in his day, but in ours he’s best known as one of the riders that caromed through Boston and nearby towns to warn patriots that “the British are coming.”

AMC has not officially picked up the show as of yet, nor has the cabler officially picked up any of the other few sitcoms it has greenlighted for development.

Picked up or no, the folks at Boston’s Paul Revere House aren’t very amused about the idea of their namesake becoming an object of sitcom derision.

The historical association immediately took to Twitter to express pique about the planned sitcom. On the Twitter accounts the Paul Revere historians and keepers of the Patriot’s image said “I hate this idea,” and “AMC, really?”

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