Congressman: ‘Older White Guys The Most Insecure’ Part of Society

Virginia Representative Jim Moran has taken PC, pop psychology to its logical extremes by claiming that “older white guys” are the “most insecure” part of American society . And where else but on MSNBC?

Moran, one of the nation’s most extreme, left-wing Congressmen, appeared on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show on January 16 and went into an aspect of the next election cycle that seemed to trouble him. It was during this discussion that he found what is wrong with our nation.

Clearly, we had a very successful election in November. I worry a bit about 2014, when we don’t have the President at the top of the ticket. We have a disproportionately number of older white guys, and frankly, being one of those types, we’re the most insecure component of our society as far as I’m concerned; we’re much the problem with these kinds of things.

We have now arrived at the open admission from the far left that the only problem in America today is “older white guys.” In contravention to the left’s claims at being the “fair” and “logical” side of the aisle, all pretense of fairness and balance has finally been laid aside and all fault laid squarely on the shoulders of one segment of our society.

In years past, this sort of rote blame was called racism.

Helpfully, left-wing commentator and Salon editor and columnist Joan Walsh wanted to reassure Rep. Moran that there were a few old white guys that were OK in her book, though.

“I just want to say to Congressman Moran there are a lot of terrific older white guys out there,” Walsh gushed. “You’re one of them; the Vice-President is another one. You know, we’ll be there for you.”

Ah, validation.

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