It’s Against The Law To Give Wedgie


This is what happens we you try too hard to be a MTV-style Jackass…

JANUARY 14–A video prankster was arrested last night for battery after he allegedly gave wedgies to a series of victims outside a Florida movie theater, police report.

Charles Ross, 18, was busted on the misdemeanor charge after a male victim, 20, told cops that Ross grabbed him “by the back of his pants and pulled them up hard,” according to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report.

Investigators reported that Ross gave wedgies to several other victims, but that they “were too embarrassed to want to pursue charges.” In each instance, Ross “was filming the crime with a camera.”

The wedgie footage was likely ticketed for Ross’s YouTube page, which includes dozens of videos showing the Bradenton resident accosting pedestrians, running around while only wearing an adult diaper, and antagonizing beachgoers. His most popular video, posted two weeks ago, has about 670,000 views.

He should be arrested, as evidenced by his unfunny videos, for general douchery…

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