House GOP Now Regrets Not Pushing “Plan B”

boehner-obama-cabinet room-01-23-11-carolyn kaster-ap

The GOP majority in the House of Representatives have lost… They ceded authority to the Senate and President by not pushing forward with Speaker Boehner’s “Plan B.” With Obama already claiming victory, they’re left to either nix the deal Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden crafted and take the blame or go along for the ride. From Politico:

Rep. Spencer Bachus said after exiting the Republican meeting that he expects the House to amend the fiscal cliff deal and send it back to the Senate.

“I would be shocked if this bill didn’t go back to the Senate,” Bachus said.

The consternation is mostly about the lack spending cuts in the bill. Budgetary impact shows the accord adding to the deficit. Many lawmakers are also concerned about the two-month delay to automatic spending cuts.

There is also some regret among Republicans about the party defeating Speaker John Boehner’s “Plan B” before the holidays, which would have raised taxes on millionaires, whereas the bill the Senate passed around 2 a.m. New Year’s Day raises taxes on households making more than $450,000.

Retiring California Rep. Dan Lungren said the House Republican conference said “we harmed ourselves by undercutting our leader on Plan B,” according to a source present.

While the insistence on substantial spending cuts is noble, the House GOP should have struck first. By failing to act the ceded the political high ground.

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