If Dianne Feinstein has seen far…

…it is because she stands on the shoulders of giants.  Forcing the law-abiding to present themselves and be registered by government agents has long been a staple of freedom-loving rulers.  Why even today we see shining beacons of freedom taking the common sense measure of passing laws to register lawful users of an inanimate object to help ensure privacy and liberty.

China requires Internet users to register names

By By JOE McDONALD | Associated Press – 1 hr 28 mins ago

BEIJING (AP) — China’s government tightened Internet controls Friday with approval of a law that requires users to register their names after a flood of online complaints about official abuses rattled Communist Party leaders.

Authorities say the law will strengthen protections for personal information.

The latest measure requires users to provide their real names and other identifying information when they register with access providers or post information publicly.

“This is needed for the healthy development of the Internet,” said Li Fei, deputy director of the legislature’s Legal Work Committee, at a news conference.

Li rejected complaints that the public will be deprived of a forum that has been used to expose misconduct.

“The country’s constitution protects citizens’ rights in supervising and criticizing the state and government officials’ behavior,” Li said.

Congratulations to Dianne Feinstein!  Dianne, you and the Chinese Communist Party have demonstrated irrepressible desire to criminalize law-abiding citizens who wish to enjoy their constitutional rights without being registered and tracked by their government.  Well done, and shine on you crazy diamond!

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