The State Of Florida Killed A Disabled Girl With Their “Care” In Less Than 24 Hours

Here’ a preview of what you can expect under Obamacare. In Florida, unaccountable health-care bureaucrats through neglect, deceit, and intransigence managed to kill a 14 year-old disabled girl they had successfully pried from her mother in less than 24 hours. From The Tampa Bay Times:

In March 2011, state child protection investigators took 14-year-old Marie from her mother, Doris Freyre, claiming Doris’ own disabilities made it almost impossible for her to care for Marie, who suffered from seizures and severe cerebral palsy. But a Tampa judge signed an order that Marie be returned to her mother, with in-home nursing care around the clock.

Florida health care administrators refused to pay for it, although in-home care can be demonstrably cheaper than care in an institution. Child welfare workers ignored the order completely.

Two months later, Marie was strapped into an ambulance for a five-hour trip to a Miami Gardens nursing home, as her mother begged futilely to go with her.

Marie died 12 hours after she arrived.

You really should read the whole thing.

As Obamacare forces more and more people into government-run health-care expect to see more stories like this. Particularly appalling is how these public servants blatantly ignored the court.

If the guardians of you or your loved ones health are accountable to no one and can ignore legal mandates and court orders you better start saying your prayers now – there won’t be any stopping them…

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