Bad Rap Duo Are Even Worse Kidnappers

If you’re kidnapping someone to extort money from them, letting the victim go probably isn’t going to work out, as two aspiring rappers turned criminals in New York found out. From The New York Times:

Two hip-hop performers were arrested on charges of kidnapping and extortion after being accused of abducting a man who discussed providing them with financial backing, the police said on Saturday.

…The encounter began in SoHo on Thursday night, when the performers, Ryan Mixon and Andres Lozano, met the man at the Pera Soho on Thompson Street. They had gathered to discuss the prospect of the man putting money into a recording deal. But at some point the meeting took an ugly turn, according to Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, who said Mr. Lozano, 28, and Mr. Mixon, 33, brandished a gun and forced their potential backer out of the bar.

They took a taxi to the Apple store on Fifth Avenue near 59th Street, where, Mr. Browne said, Mr. Mixon and Mr. Lozano coerced the man into buying them $3,800 worth of items.

…Mr. Browne added that Mr. Mixon, who lives in Connecticut, and Mr. Lozano, of Washington Heights, threatened to kill the victim unless he gave them $50,000 in cash, and warned they would also kill his relatives and girlfriend if he went to the police.

The law enforcement official said the victim was then released, perhaps with the expectation that he would return with the money. Instead, he went to the First Precinct station house.

The New York Daily News says that the victim was John Fontein – the 27-year-old son of Goldman Sachs broker Andrew Fontein.

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