Barack Obama Wins Re-election, Republicans Left To Wonder What Might Have Been

In 2008 Barack Obama won with “Hope and Change,” and in 2012 he was re-elected with “Divide and Conquer.” President Obama won re-election by running perhaps the most negative campaign in history, and by building a perpetual campaign organization that succeeded in slicing and dicing the electorate then turning them out. The permanent organization that Obama left in the battleground states (Obama For America) after the 2008 election is, apparently, what really allowed Obama to compete in those states, along with boatloads of cash. It will probably turn out that Obama over performed in those critical battleground states compared to his performance in other states. That’s not a coincidence, it’s a plan…

Obama is the first President ever re-elected with a smaller vote total and smaller electoral vote total than he won in his first election, but given the state of the economy and his approval ratings you’ve got to give his campaign credit for managing to get him re-elected at all.

Still President Obama went from nearly a 10,000,000 vote victory in 2008, to what may eventually be a less than a 1,000,000 vote victory, so while the electoral college victory may appear large, the final vote percentage appears to be 50% – 49%, or maybe 49% – 49%. That’s hardly a mandate, it’s more of a hard-fought, razor-thin victory.

On the plus side, we may now find out what the President’s plan for a second term actually is. On the negative side we may now find out what the President’s plan for a second term actually is.

Thoughts on the election
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