Texas Democrat Nick Lampson Assaults Citizen Journalist

=Touting his ideas of “civility” in politics, Texas Democrat Nick Lampson instead physically pushed at a blogger and tried to grab his video camera away from him.

In the beginning of the encounter, Democrat Lampson is seen calmly discussing with the blogger his ideas of a “center aisle caucus,” a plan that he claimed would bring “more civility” to Congress. Lampson insisted, though, that it was current Speaker of the House John Boehner (R, OH) who “tore it apart.” When the blogger brought up the extremely divisive politics of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA) and asked how her un-democratic policies affected his so-called “center aisle caucus,” suddenly Mr. Texas calm and collected got angry and physically attacked the blogger.

Lampson is running for the 14th Congressional District in Texas and was a Texas Congressman once before. The 14th is a Houston area district situated south and east of the coastal city.

Lampson is hardly a centrist, anyway. The last time he was in Congress in 2008, Lampson was given a 23.9 percent life time liberal rating by the American Conservative Union and according to The Washington Post Lampson voted with Democrats 82% of the time. That doesn’t make him very “center aisleish,” does it? One would think if he was a true centrist he’d be closer to — oh, I don’t know — maybe a middle-like 50 percent Party fealty rating?

This is exactly the sort of arrogance we expect from liberals such as Lampson. They parade around back home claiming they are “centrists” but when you look at their actual votes in Washington and not their campaign blather you find they are really liberals. And they quickly rise to anger when confronted with their web of lies.

People like this do not deserve to be in Congress.

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