CNBC’s Jim Cramer Is Even Crazier Than He Appears On TV

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money raised a few eyebrows with his picks in The Washington Post Outlook section crystal ball contest.

Cramer says of his prediction that Obama will win the electoral college 440-98, “The presidential race is nowhere as close as the polls suggest.” Via Jim Tankersley comes a graphic of the EV breakdown that would be required for Cramer’s prediction.

Of course this is the same Jim Cramer who pumped-up the bona fides of former MLB player Lenny Dykstra as a stock picking savant, claimed that Facebook was undervalued at IPO, and was telling people to buy Bear Sterns right up until the day they went under.

Here’s how he explains his pick…

I want whatever Cramer is smoking…

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