Obama Attached Himself To Hurricane Sandy, As Full Picture Emerges He May Wish He Didn’t

Sure everyone remembers last week’s happy specifying by President Obama and his very public embrace by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his endorsement by New York Mayor-for-life Mike Bloomberg, but those were the good old days.

Each successive day, with Obama on the campaign trail and nowhere near the devastation, new information of the extend of the damage and suffering surfaces and questions about the Federal response Obama was so quick to claim credit for emerge. For example (and this is just a small sampling):

Staten Island Resident: We Just Found 3 More Dead Bodies in the Pile Today… Where Is the Government Assistance? (Video) – Gateway Pundit

HELL ON EARTH: New York Neighborhoods “Descend Into Chaos” as Sixth Day Passes Without Power or Help – Doug Ross

HOPEY-CHANGEY: Battered By Sandy, Staten Island Feels Forgotten. – InstaPundit

So while you may be feeling some heartache at polls showing a slight bump for Obama’s approval rating, be assured that bump will be short-lived. Obama, it appears, doesn’t really want to talk about Hurricane Sandy anymore. A disaster this big though can’t be as easily avoided at Benghazi.

Obama bought this disaster for its PR effect, but it’s called a disaster for a reason. It can’t be dealt with by photo ops alone. A large portion of the populace will see (or hear about it from friends or via blogs and social media) this by the time Tuesday comes.

That bounce will recede and put the focus right back where it needs to be; on the President’s record…

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