NPR’s Patronizing #Benghazi Report

Mr. Liberty shot off an email to me this afternoon that included his comments to NPR on a report they did this morning on Benghazi. Mr. Liberty notes he has cc’d this email to The Other McCain and Instapundit. I hope it sees some traction because he’s dead right.

These were his comments:

Your perfunctory report this morning on the air (and here on your site) “U.S. Offers New Details Of Deadly Libya Attack” is an insult to your listeners.

Firstly, there is little to no inquiry into the decisions made in the chain of command during that horrible night in Libya.  You seem to accept the explanation that there was simply nothing anyone could do with a sort of weary shrug.  Your own time-line indicates a period of several hours in which the US could have responded to the “second attack,” and yet you blithely accept (or perhaps offer) a litany of superficial excuses for inaction without the slightest skepticism.

Secondly, you make absolutely no mention of the US administration’s misrepresentation of the cause and nature of the attack in Libya for nearly two weeks.  In multiple speeches, the President (at the UN in particular), Ambassador Rice (on national television) and the Secretary of State (in public statements and in a statement to the father of one of the dead no less) persistently cited the odious anti-Islamic video as the cause of this violence, which was characterized as spontaneous.  Your report doesn’t even mention this (nor the fact that the film-maker is still in jail).  WHY the administration persisted in this misrepresentation when it is beginning to appear they had ample information to the contrary is the question driving interest in this story.

And finally, you don’t even bother to end with the usual casual closing that “questions remain” even though a plethora of questions remain.  Frankly, the entire report seems to amount to a dismissive wave of the hand to those of us interested in this story (and getting our news from multiple sources).

While I understand that time often results in issues being oversimplified and what some might view as salient facts being omitted in reports, your report this morning on the attack in Libya was inexcusable.  If you’re going to take so overtly the resigned “nothing-to-see-here” tone about an important story about which many Americans are talking and writing, then please don’t bother reporting on it at all.  That might frustrate those of us interested in the story, but it at least won’t be outright insulting to us.


Here is the link to the Catherine Herridge report. More here from Ace.

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The Other McCain has a video up called “It’s time for the truth.” Indeed, it is and the legacy media is not going to tell said truth unless forced to.

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