Obama Unhappy Global Warming Was Missed at Debates

Obama has for the most part stayed away from the subject of global warming during his campaign for re-election. The President has only infrequently broached the subject on the campaign trail, but on Friday, October 26, in an interview with MTV, Obama delved into climate change more than at any other time to date during the campaign.

The President told MTV that he was “surprised” that global warming didn’t come up during the debates and warned that “we’re not moving as fast as we need to” in order to head off the problems he perceives will soon befall the planet.

Obama said global warming is a “critical issue” and that the subject presents a “huge contrast” between himself and GOP nominee Mitt Romney. “I am surprised it didn’t come up in one of the debates,” the President said.

As The Hill notes, however, even as the President assured the MTV audience that he felt the issue was important and that he wanted to talk about the subject during the debates, he never took the time to mention the issue himself during his encounters with Romney.

Still, Obama warned the MTV audience of impending global warming doom. “I believe scientists, who say that we are putting too much carbon emissions into the atmosphere and it is heating the planet and it is going to have a severe effect,” Obama said.

Curiously, the President did not mention the thousands of scientists who dispute that claim.

President Obama has largely failed to get any climate change legislation passed during his four years in the White House and has relegated himself mostly to using his powers to regulate as a backdoor effort to force climate change rules on the American people.

During the MTV interview, President Obama also expressed the need for “technological breakthroughs” to help solve climate change.

“In order for us to solve the whole problem though, we are going to have to have some technological breakthroughs, because countries like China and India, they are building coal-fired power plants, they feel that they have to prioritize getting people out of poverty ahead of climate change, so what we have to do is help them, and help ourselves by continuing to put money into research and technology about how do we really get the new sources of power that are going to make a difference.”

The President has been a big fan of pumping millions upon millions of tax dollars into so-called “green” companies since becoming President. Many of those companies have failed with at least 18 of them having filed for bankruptcy after taking millions from the taxpayers.

Despite the constant failure and the good tax dollars after bad, Obama has several times announced his desire to double down on his crony capitalist policies already perpetrated on the “green energy” industry.

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