Out Of Ideas!

Near where I grew up in Ohio there was a town called Hamilton. Fair or not, Hamilton was a town that was not known for much. Or rather, it was that town you were kinda glad you weren’t from. The was even a sign in the style of the Hollywood sign along the banks of a river that cut through the town that was something of a local joke. Back in 1986, the powers that be decided they needed something to make Hamilton special.  Their big decision?  They changed the name to Hamilton!, OH.  It was so absurd that Rand MacNally refused to put the exclamation point on their maps.  To everyone else it was just a sign that the Hamilton city council was out of ideas.

Apparently, earlier this week, the Obama campaign changed the official slogan from FORWARD to FORWARD!  No, I’m not kidding.  Just how did that conversation go?

“Man that Romney campaign sure is kicking our butt right now.”

“What can we do?  Anyone?”

“I know.  Let’s add an exclamation point to ‘forward’.  That will fix everything.”

I think the next step is pretty clear.  Romney is now forced to change his slogan to Believe in America!  Forget focusing on fixes for the economy.  Forget foreign policy discussions.  Without the exclamation point, his campaign is clearly doomed.

The Obama campaign is officially out of ideas.

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