Mugshots of the Week: 10/27/12

Here are the “winning” mugshots for the week ending October 27, 2012.

Jonathan David Stallard


Jonathan David Stallard was arrested for attempted carjacking.  Here is an excerpt from a story published by Myrtle Beach Online:

The 42-year-old victim looked around to see if someone could help. When she looked back, Stallard had run across the street where she heard someone laugh and say, “Sorry about that,” the report said.

Let’s see Stallard laugh his way out of this mess.

Kerri Ann Heffernan


Kerri Ann Heffernan was arrested for bank robbery.  Here is an excerpt from a CBS story published by

Police have arrested a woman they say targeted bank branches at supermarkets in three communities.

Kerri Ann Heffernan, 31, of Bridgewater, was arrested Saturday after police questioning. Police seized a 2011 Hyundai Elantra, cash, cellphone, clothing and items covered in red dye.

The red dye gave Heffernan away.  Now, she is dying to get out of legal trouble.

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