Ed Schultz Now Claiming that He ‘Coached’ VP Biden on Ignorant Debate Style

After the vice presidential debates, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz proved once again why he is the clown prince of the whole MSNBC circus by taking credit for Joe Biden’s smirking, arm waving, belly laughing, constantly interrupting style of “debating” at the October 11 event in Kentucky.

On October 13, During his little-heard radio show, Schultz somehow was arrogant enough to assume that the Vice President of the United States programs his entire political personae by taking cues from none other than the Edster himself.

Ed doesn’t think too much of himself at all, does he?

In his typically bellicose and substance free style, Schultz took an insult issued by GOP Chairman Reince Priebus as some sort of validation of his own loudmouthed, blather.

It was an ass-whipping is what it was! And thank you, Reince Priebus, I was the coach. It can now be, we’ll send out a press release later that Ed Schultz is revealing that he did coach up the vice president. Because this is how you handle these liars! You don’t let ’em get away with it. The conversation in this country doesn’t have to be civil when it comes to — not that Mr. Biden was not civil — but it doesn’t have to be civil when it comes to the politics of this country! It doesn’t have to be!

What Priebus said that Schultz was crowing about was this: “I don’t know who his debate partner was but, you know, I don’t know, maybe it was Ed Schultz from MSNBC, I’m not sure.”

Now, this was not a serious assessment of where Priebus thought Biden got his debate model. What Priebus was doing was insulting Biden as having taken a cue from the worst clown on MSNBC. It was a jab, an insult. It was not a suggestion of fact and it most certainly wasn’t a compliment.

But, as clueless as ever, Ed didn’t understand the context. The fact that he was just insulted flew right over his tiny, little head.

Also notice how the hateful lefty painted himself into a corner. On one hand Schultz tried to pretend that Joe Biden acted in a perfectly civil manner at the debates, yet on the other he congratulated Biden for not being civil and for finding the right way to “handle these liars.”

Schultz’ complete lack of logic just screams out “look ma, I’m unhinged,” to be sure.

But in all the ways that matter, Reince Priebus was 100% right. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised if Joe Biden took his cues from the boorish, loudmouthed, screamer that is Ed Schultz. Biden sure did act like such a buffoon that night, didn’t he?

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