TSA Puts Tea Party Organizer On No Fly List During Trip, Strands Him In Hawaii

It’s been a while since we had a no-fly list story, but the TSA keeps working to keep the sky’s free of law-abiding citizens. From The Hawaii Reporter:

HONOLULU, HAWAII – Wade Hicks Jr., of Gulfport, Mississippi, spent four days in Hawaii, but he wasn’t in the islands since October 14 to enjoy sunshine, palm trees and paradise.
Half way through his journey from San Francisco to Japan aboard a military flight, during what was supposed to be a brief stop over on Oahu, a senior U.S. Customs and Border Enforcement agent, accompanied by two heavily armed military guards, informed Hicks he was on the “No Fly List.”
The agent told Hicks he would have to find other means of transportation off our remote Pacific island, which was 2,500 miles from where he started.

Hicks was stunned when he was ordered by the federal government not to board a commercial or military flight, and he began desperately looking for a way to travel back home via boat or private plane. Not wanting to borrow $40,000 to take a chartered flight home, or spend weeks traveling back to the Mainland by boat, he contacted local veterans’ organizations, Hawaii’s governor and legislators, his congressmen and the media for help.

After Hicks’ story went viral on the Internet, even landing in a Russian news report, Hicks received a call on Thursday, October 18, from a Customs agent telling him he was removed from the “No Fly list.” There was no apology and no explanation for why he was put on the list or why he was cleared to fly.

“I guess all the pressure from lawmakers, my congressmen and the media built up, and they had to back peddle and let me go,” Hicks told Hawaii Reporter on Thursday evening.

Hicks is a military dependent and he was on his way to visit his wife, a U.S. Navy lieutenant, stationed in Okinawa. On Friday, October 19, instead of going to Japan from Hawaii as originally planned, Hicks will fly back to California where his wife’s family lives. His wife, who he married just 8 months ago, will join him there on Saturday.

Hicks hold a DoD security clearance and just passed a concealed carry background check, so it’s not a good sign for that great threat clearinghouse function the DHS was supposed to provide between various government agencies that in several systems he was verified clean, but the TSA didn’t have or factor in that information.

Hicks is a Tea Party organizer and while he doesn’t identify himself as a 9/11 truther, he does say that he has spoken out about his doubt that the government is telling the whole story.

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