Mugshot(s) of the Week : 10/20/12

Who doesn’t like to see humorous mugshots? As a way to provide a break from the constant political bickering, I give you the Mugshots of the Week for the week ending on 10/20/12, along with the news story pertaining to the mugshots.

Here is an excerpt from a news story dated 10/15/12:

Tulsa, OK – A 19-year-old male and 21-year-old female were arrested early Monday morning on several charges including drug possession, possession of a stolen vehicle and eluding police.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrested Tulsa resident Tyler Shepherd and Sapulpa resident Lynzie Briggs a little after 1 a.m. after a trooper saw a black Honda motorcycle on Skelly at 49th West Ave. was making excessive noise and a left tail pipe that was about to fall off.

The trooper said Shepherd and his passenger, Briggs, pulled into a QuikTrip parking lot and waited until he got out of the patrol car and “took off at a high rate of speed.”

. . . According to the report, Briggs was in possession of several pills, meth and drug paraphernalia Shepherd had two bags of raw marijuana. The report also says Shepherd admitted to smoking marijuana 45 minutes before the trooper stopped them.

When asked why they ran away, the trooper reports Shepherd said the bike was stolen.

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