The TSA Molestation Files: Dana Loesch

The TSA has groped again.

Conservative radio host and Breitbart Editor, Dana Loesch, was treated to an ‘enhanced screening’ where the TSA agents repeatedly pressed down on her — around her vagina. No, this isn’t a joke and with all the things going on in this country at the moment  and an election on our doorstep, the TSA with its mind-boggling breaches of our liberties had taken a backseat. Not anymore.

I have kept my readers informed of TSA activities via this blog and my Morning Links.  Those stories were horrifying, yet even I admit to compartmentalizing them. These events had happened to people I did not know and so I set them aside after being angry for a bit about it.

Hearing the escalating stories Dana has posted about her encounters with the TSA made me pretty angry; this last event really made me angry. I’ve had the honor of meeting Dana Loesch and her husband, Chris. They are two of the coolest people ever and handled my ‘Boo Radley’ moment meeting them better than I did. The two of them are good people, folks just like you and me. What happened to Dana with the TSA this time, and in the past, should not have happened to her… or to any of us.

Loesch took to Twitter and relayed this latest TSA attack in pretty frank detail for the 140 character limit and yes, I consider these ‘pat downs’ to be attacks. Here is just one of her tweets:

TSA said I was covered in explosives, took me to a private room and touched my vagina. So how was your day?

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch)

I often wondered when I traveled with my child, when they were barely 4 years old, what I would do if one of the agents pulled us out of line and required a screening like this for me… or worse, for my kid. It’s the kind of nightmare that makes it just fine and dandy to me to drive over 10 hours to a destination rather than flying in 2 hours.

Dana got some video of the this latest violation, up until a TSA agent closed the door:

Video Detail:

On the afternoon of October 14th, 2012, TSA agents in terminal four at the Phoenix Airport forced me into a private room where their “enhanced screening” included pressing down repeatedly upon the front of my vaginal area.

It began after I was “randomly selected” for an additional screening which consisted of swabbing my hands with paper strips. The strips were then taken to a machine for analysis and an alarm sounded. TSA agents determined that I had a suspicious, possibly explosive, residue on my hands and required another, “enhanced screening.”

Read here why these tests are unreliable:…

I was, of course, aggravated, as we arrived two hours early and already 15 minutes had gone by due to the amount of time I had to wait on agents and the swab. During this time an elderly gentleman behind me and in front of my husband was forced to stand (despite having to use a cane and being unable to do so well alone) and not permitted to lean on anything or given a wheelchair, despite my husband requesting one.

The agents finally gathered my belongings and led me away from the populated security lines to a more secluded area near the private rooms. I asked twice for a public screening and was denied.

They performed the regular pat-down and then the agent informed me that she would be using the front of her hands to “sweep” my groin. She pressed and swept across my crotch three times horizontally and three times vertically. In any other circumstance this would be sexual assault.

The agents themselves were friendly and smiled, yet I was still denied a public screening and no witness of my own present for the screening itself (a second agent was in the room at the time). I had no reason to be angry with the agents themselves, yet I was angry, and still am, at the regulations which require them to routinely violate men, women, and children in the name of a false sense of security.

Read about my similar experience with Providence, RI’s TSA here:

After concluding that I wasn’t a terrorist hiding weapons in my vagina, the TSA agents allowed me to go. They also gave me information about pre-check, which they said would help me avoid such procedures.

Unfortunately, pre-check isn’t available in all airports and innocent Americans shouldn’t be subjected to a full FBI check simply to board a plane. Also, I doubt we would pass the test considering Janet Napolitano put conservatives like me (and many others) on the DHS domestic terror watch list back in April 2009:…

They also did it to our vets:…

The above is video of what happened this afternoon, filmed by my husband. He filmed it vertically so as to avoid detection. They forced me to stop filming, against their own rules (I wasn’t impeding the procedure and was not near monitors) last time.

Vote liberty.

We have a lot to get done as we roll up on November 6th. When you hit the voting booth, remember this article and remind yourself that the TSA might just be getting warmed up.

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