Paul Ryan Refused To Be Baited By Hack Reporter, Called “Testy” By Station

Leave it to Politico to try to make a story that should have been about a jerkish Detroit gotcha interviewer into a question about whether Paul Ryan walked out on the reporter.

DETROIT — A Michigan ABC affiliate posted video of an animated exchange between Paul Ryan and a local reporter on Monday evening, prompting questions about whether Ryan walked out of the interview.

When it aired, reporter Terry Camp characterized the interview as ending badly, and said Ryan was “not specific in his answers.” Meanwhile, the Ryan campaign said the candidate was asked a “weird question” relating gun violence to tax cuts.

The Ryan campaign said the interview had simply run past its allotted time, but that Ryan didn’t end the interview prematurely. Video of the interview that was posted to YouTube shows an off-camera aide (later identified as Ryan spokesman Michael Steel) calling the interview to a halt while Ryan is standing, still in casual conversation with the reporter while removing his microphone.

The video makes it pretty plain to see that the reporter was trying walk Ryan into some sort of trap that he’d dreamed up in his Obama worshiping mind. Ryan would have none of it, and after the interview was over gently called the reporter out on his tactics.

Score one for Ryan…

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