New York Woman Wins Right To Die Lawsuit, Then Changes Mind

A terminally ill patient, Grace Sung Eun Lee, 28, was awarded the right to chose to die by a New York court this month, but has now changed her mind and wants to live.

Miss Lee, once a financial manager, was felled by terminal brain cancer that left her paralyzed from the neck down and being fed through feeding tubes.

Lee was determined competent to make her own decisions and won the right to choose to turn off the machines keeping her alive over objections from her devoutly religious parents.

But now Lee reports that she has changed her mind about choosing death.

Miss Lee’s family told the media that they were grateful for her reconsideration. Lee’s brother, Danny, said, “We’re so glad. Praise the Lord,” and went on to say, “She wants to fight back, and she’ll fight back until the end.”

Lee’s court appointed lawyer affirmed her decision.

“What Grace said to me when I asked her, she said she was doing it to make peace with her parents and to make peace with God,” attorney David Smith told Brennan.

The family is still working through the courts to determine guardianship.

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