The Stuff We Missed – Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game Edition (10/09/12)

There was lots of stuff in the news today that didn’t quite merit individual posts. Here’s the stuff we missed. Enjoy!

  • Stacey Dash, who you might remember from the movie Clueless, endorsed Mitt Romney for President. Problem is she’s black so you can imagine how well people are taking it [Twitchy] – Dash is seriously ageless. She’s 46 years old and doesn’t look a day over 30. I’d also be remiss in not pointing out her Playboy pictorial from 5 year ago (NSFW).
  • West Palm Beach Man Dies After Competing In Roach Eating Contest [CBS 4 Miami] – The guy died eating bugs to win a snake
  • Kelly Marcel To Write ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ For Universal And Focus [Deadline] – All hail the new queen of mommy porn. She’s best known as the creator of the failed TV series Terra Nova.
  • Rut Roh! Tim Tebow to honor God during the 666th ‘Monday Night Football’ game [Riehl World View] – God wasn’t impressed; the Jets lost
  • Mitt Romney Declines Nickelodeon’s Invitation for ‘Kids Pick the President’ Special [Hollywood Reporter] – As it doesn’t involve answering questions from the White House press corps President Obama was able to give them as much time as they wanted.
  • A Girl’s Stomach Was Removed Because She Drank a Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail [Gizmodo] – If the drink is smoking it’s a good idea to avoid it.
  • The Obama Campaign Processed This Donation [RedState] – Nikita Khrushchev, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong can still take part in Obama’s re-election effort!

If you have other items of interest that we missed please share in the comments.

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