Obama Averts His Laser-Like Focus On The Economy And Middle East Terrorism To Save Big Bird

Barack Obama’s campaign free-fall continues, with today’s ill-time ode to Sesame Street’s Big Bird. Jobs? Feh… Libya? Old new… What’s hot is a throw away line from Mitt Romney delivered during the 90 minutes in Denver last week while he was mopping the floor with Obama in the first Presidential debate.

Here’s the latest Obama ad that fails so many ways it’s almost hard to count.

Did I mention counting? The RNC responded in kind with a Sesame Street themed graphic that counts the number of times Obama has publicly mentioned Big Bird and Elmo vs. the economy and Libya

How else is this all wrong?

First, Children’s Television Workshop is none too happy that their brand has been co-opted into a partisan political ad. They’ve asked the Obama camp to take the ad down.

Second, as Hit & Run notes that Obama is all in favor of protecting Big Bird, but that in a sense highlights his disinterest in getting to the bottom of the assassination of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya.

And last, the ad continues the Obama campaign’s odd insistence of refocusing the public back to last week’s debate. Considering that it was measured by Gallup as the most lopsided debate trouncing ever, why would Obama want to remind anyone of the debacle in Denver?

Maybe he really doesn’t want to win…

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