Video: Hate Crime Caught On Tape

I know this has been covered extensively in the MSM the past couple of days, but, just in case you somehow managed to miss the deafening outcry, this hate-crime was caught on video:

The hostility and harassment displayed by the bus driver toward the youths is obvious. The young man, clearly feeling threatened, acted out of self-defense.

As can also be seen in the video, fellow passengers, despite being witness to the aggressive behavior of the bus driver, rushed over to help him after the altercation.  According to the Kansas City Police Department, the driver sustained serious injuries and was knocked unconscious.

The bus driver is expected to deliver a statement, expressing remorse regarding his selfish and aggressive behavior toward these young men.

It has been reported that the Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson will be holding a justice march in Kansas City this week to help bring attention to the type of daily harassment and bullying these youths receive at the hands of racially motivated, intimidating bus drivers, and are expected to call for a city-wide boycott of the transit system.

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