Surprise! Andrea Mitchell Humiliated by John Sununu – Again

You would think as often as Andrea Mitchell get humiliated by Sununu she would either quit inviting him on, improve her game or not challenge him so much.

But at some level I respect it for it. She could just refuse to let him on the show and save herself the embarrassment but she takes it on the chin time after time. … Unless of course she thinks she is winning these battles in which case she’s just mental.

Part of me feels sorry for her.  You know she would never argue with an Obama surrogate that way and the poor thing doesn’t see (would probably deny) that she was no longer an interviewer and now just a Democrat combatant. But either way, she keeps giving us easy content so I’ll take it.

What’s your take… you don’t figure she thinks she’s winning these bouts do you?

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