Wash. Post-Owned Website: Will Romney Reach Out to Racists?

A website owned by the Washington Post, one that caters to African Americans, has a question about the upcoming debates. In yet another outrageous use of the race card, The Root wants to know if GOP nominee Mitt Romney will “reach out to racists” in the debates.

Keli Goff ‘s Root piece is exactly as insulting, racist, and ignorant as that title leads you to believe it is, too.

In Goff’s blinkered opinion, only racists question the inappropriate, 20-year-long relationship between racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama. Goff’s feverish imagination conjures that racism as Romney’s next move to gain the advantage in this close election contest.

First of all, aside from her own racist premise that all whites are racists enough that re-introducing Rev. Wright into this election will automatically win Romney votes, one has to wonder why this fool would think that this tactic would work in 2012 when it didn’t four years ago?

It didn’t work the first time for the big reason that the Old Media establishment refused to allow the charge to have any legitimacy. The media’s treatment would be worse a second time around should Romney be foolish enough to try and use it as an issue. The media would not only phoo phoo the charge, it would destroy Romney as dredging up old news.

The truth is that it just wouldn’t work.

But. let’s get back to the biggest flaw in her argument, that even questioning Obama’s connection to Wright is racism.

The fact is, it is Wright who is the racist. He hate whites, he hates the USA, and he’s said so repeatedly. Further, Obama sat in Wright’s audience and happily listened to his racist rants for years without being overly concerned if Wright’s hatred and racism was at all a big deal. Even worse, he considered Wright part of his family and involved his wife and children with that scumbag.

Wright is a racist and Obama didn’t have a problem with it at all.

But this issue doesn’t mean anything in the greater scheme of the election. Goff herself was amazed that millions of whites voted for Obama the first time. Millions will do so again. Obviously whites’ “racism” didn’t stop them from voting for Obama in 2008. How does this halfwit imagine that we’d be a nation of enlightened voters in 2008 but suddenly devolve into sheet-wearing KKK members only a few years later, all based on raising an issue that didn’t work the first time?

Well, there is only one way Goff could imagine that her premise has any logic at all. Goff is a racist that thinks all whites are less human than she and her racist ideas have blinded her to logic and good sense.

(H/T Mental Recession)

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