Connecticut Man Kills Suspected Masked Burglar Who Turns Out To Be His Teen Son

Well this is just all kinds of sad and weird. From The Danbury News Times

NEW FAIRFIELD, Conn. — Around 1 a.m. Thursday, a woman heard an intruder break into her home at the end of a quiet neighborhood street. She called her brother, Jeffrey Giuliano, who lives next door on Meeting House Hill Circle. He came over with protection for his sister — a handgun.

On the front lawn, Giuliano confronted the intruder, who was clothed all in black and wearing a ski mask.
The intruder lunged — police said he was holding a weapon — and Giuliano pulled the trigger. The shot killed the intruder.

Only after his ski mask was removed did Giuliano realize he knew the intruder. It was his adopted son.
Tyler Giuliano, a 10th-grader at New Fairfield High School who turned 15 on Aug. 2, was dead. State Police confirmed his identification and the circumstances. They offered no motive for the teenager’s actions nor specified the weapon he was found holding.

“Everybody is just shaking their heads over it,” First Selectman John Hodge said Thursday. “We’re hoping the police can get to the bottom of it.”

A family member, who did not want to be identified, said the boy was adopted and previously had the last name of Januzzi.

Jeffrey Giuliano, brother of the homeowner, Alexis Scocozza, was described Thursday as “everyone’s favorite teacher.” He teaches fifth grade and science at Meeting House Hill School and is known as Mr. G.

I’ve read a couple different versions of the story, in some he’s listed as a step-son and in this one it says he’s adopted. Either way it was his child, and knowing the he died at your hands (rightfully though it may have been) is something that’s not going to be easy to move on from. One would suspect there’s more to this story that we don’t know yet…

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