Angry Mob Does What Obama Could Not, Dives Ambassador Stevens Killers Out Of Benghazi

From The Telegraph:

Up to four people were reported dead in clashes which broke out when the last and biggest militia was attacked in the early hours of Saturday morning. Earlier, members of Ansar al-Sharia, the militant group accused of responsibility for Mr Stevens’ death, were forced out of their strongholds in the city.

The deaths and promises of retribution by militia leaders presage more trouble to come. But for the moment the headquarters of the freelance groups that have held sway in Benghazi since the revolution that toppled Col Muammar Gaddafi are claimed to be in the hands of police and army units loyal to the newly elected prime minister, Mustafa Abushagur.

The protests in Benghazi on Friday evening, estimated at 30,000-strong, featured pro-American slogans and banners, unusual for demonstrations in Arab countries. Though many protesters said they were attending “for Benghazi, not for America”, some held up placards commemorating Mr Stevens, who lived in Benghazi last year while co-ordinating American support for the revolution.

“We demand justice for Stevens,” said one, and “Libya lost a friend” another.

The march was given the title “Rally to Save Benghazi”. Its aim and that of another, smaller demonstration in Tripoli was to demand the government, which Mr Abushagur is still forming, take control of security in the country and disband the militias or co-opt them into the army under a unified structure.

This administration just go around to calling in a terrorist act, there’s no reason to believe that they are pursing any sort of offensive strategy. Thank goodness for the Libyans…

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