That Aimlessly Wandering Person Probably Has An iPhone

Apple devotees who rushed to download the latest version of the iOS operating system for iPhones and iPads were in for a bit of a surprise in the new Maps feature; it’s getting people seriously lost. In the new iOS 6 Apple has removed the Google supplied Map application (as well as the native YouTube application) in favor of Apple’s new Maps application. Apple’s new Map application includes free turn-by-turn navigation (which the old Google Maps did not), a feature that Android phone users have had for years. The problem with the new Maps application is that the data behind Apple’s fancy 3D capable interface is not very good. For example, this from The Amazing iOS 6 Maps Tumblr site:

Left: Apple Map on iPhone 4S, Right: Google Map on iPhone 3G.

If you’re ever in Hong Kong, you may not know which road is one direction, which line of subway goes where, or what the road names are, but you’ll DEFINITELY know how to find the Apple store.

So go easy on your iPhone and iPad using friends, for many of them this is their first taste of free turn-by-turn navigation. Too bad they might literally be standing out in the middle of a field looking for a Starbucks.

Apple’s New 3D Maps Are an Apocalyptic Horror Show [Gizmodo]

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