Offensive: Obama Selling Obamaized U.S. Flag Prints

Some feel that President Obama is an arrogant sort of fellow. A quick look at the Obama store section of his campaign website might tend to substantiate that feeling when finding the Obamaized U.S. flag print that team Obama is selling there.

(Click image to see a screen shot of the Obama store webpage)

Does this sort of arrogance offend you? If it doesn’t it should at least make you raise your eyebrow. How gauche is it that Obama is putting his own Madison Avenue-like, branded logo on a U.S. flag?

What patriotic American would put his own logo on a U.S. flag? It just doesn’t seem right, does it? I mean, remaking the flag in his own image is quite a thing, isn’t it?

And what is the most arrogant part of it all? Notice that all the stars in the flag have been replaced by the Obama logo? That’s right, there ARE NO STATES in Obamaland. We are all just part of the Messiah himself, Barack Hussein Obama.

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