David Corn Caught Lying About Romney 47% Clip, Lapdog Media Set To Ignore His Lie

Professor William Jacobson at Legal insurrection noticed that the “full and complete” secretly recorded video of Mitt Romney speaking to supporters at a private fundraiser is not quite what it seems. It turns out there’s at least one noticeable gap in the video. But David Corn and Mother Jones assured readers everything was posted:

He claimed his comments where merely a “snippet” and not the “full response.” That was not true; his comments were shown in full.

Except that was not true, everything was not posted. Only after being caught by Jacobson did Corn and Mother Jones confess to their being missing information. Conviniently the missing minutes are right as Romney discussed the 47% of people who pay no taxes.

Notice that they have not updated the previous claim that they weren’t posting snippets, even though they were caught posting a snippet originally.

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