Obama Is Fighting Islamic Extremism By Building Mosques

For some reason I see a bunch of folks republishing a WSB-TV report from November 2011 today, The gist of the piece is that your tax dollars are being spent by President Obama and his State Department rebuilding mosques around the world.

WASHINGTON, D.C — A Channel 2 Action News investigation found that the State Department is sending millions of dollars to save mosques overseas. This investment has received criticism as the United States makes an effort to slash nearly $4 trillion in government spending.Plenty of outrage following the announcement made Thursday afternoon by a government commission that suggested huge cuts to the budget, including eliminating the interest education for home mortgage. This juxtaposed with United States investing millions to refurbish mosques as a good-will effort in Muslim countries has upset many taxpayer groups.

The Channel 2 Action News investigation found a 1,300-year-old Egyptian mosque that was almost flooded by contaminated sewer water that is one of many ancient Cairo mosques and churches that were saved from destruction by the U.S. taxpayers.

This is part of a $770 million program to rebuild Cairo’s sewer system, paid for by the U.S. State Department’s USAID program.
Millions more dollars have been sent to places like Cyprus. The State Department displays before and after pictures of mosques refurbished with U.S. tax dollars


So maybe you knew this was happening; maybe you didn’t. I think we can all agree that it’s not particularly surprising. What is interesting is that someone at Hillary Clinton’s State Department actually detailed part of the Obama administration’s Middle East policy. It’s buried deeper in the article…

The State Department declined a Channel 2 Action News request for an interview. We wanted to ask why are we using tax dollars to refurbish religious buildings overseas. The State Department did send Channel Two Action News an e-mail saying that they are fighting Islamic extremism by building relationships with Islamic leaders.

Well that’s a strategy that’s pretty well crashed and burned over the last five days, wouldn’t you say?

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