Maryland State Dems Claim Fundraising on 9/11 Is ‘Patriotic’

Here on the 11th Anniversary of the attacks that took some 3,000 American lives on September 11th, 2001, a pair of Maryland State Democrats are throwing fundraisers. If that isn’t bad enough, one of them even said it is “patriotic” to hold a fundraiser on the anniversary of the day we were so brutally attacked.

Jon Cardin, a member of the Maryland House of Delegates (like the House of Representatives), was defiant upon claims that holding a fundraiser on 9/11 was at least a bit gauche. He replied to critics saying it was actually a patriotic thing to do.

“I don’t think it’s inappropriate, and we have a lot of patriotic things that we do, and one of them is getting involved in political action in the political world, and it’s an opportunity to really get together and also have sort of a very important conversation about improving our country and our state. Sept. 11 should be a day that we do that like every other day.”

So, the anniversary of 9/11 should be “like every other day.”

Back in 2009, Jon was caught up in a scandal of his own making. He was investigated for misusing police resources when he proposed marriage to his girlfriend, Megan Homer. He illicitly employed the use of a Baltimore police helicopter and patrol boat to surprise his wife-to-be during his proposal.

Cardin, the nephew of U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, is holding his fundraiser at the Baltimore home of David Thaler, president of DS Thaler and Associates.

A second Maryland Delegate, Eric Bromwell, is also holding a fundraiser on this solemn anniversary day. Bromwell is the son of former State Senator Thomas Bromwell who was sentenced to federal prison for corruption in 2007.

In announcing the fundraiser, on his Facebook page, Bromwell claimed he planned to ask his $125 per plate attendees to write “hand-written messages” to our U.S. soldiers.

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