The DNC Was A Disaster For Obama

Let me count the ways…

1 – His acceptance speech was more of the same. Erik Erickson at RedState sums it up best:

When you are in a tight race with your political opponent, you should not recycle a Jobs Act speech that failed to even persuade Democrats in Congress to pass your signature re-election initiative.

But that’s what Barack Obama did. A day after Bill Clinton brought the house down, Barack Obama took to the stage and reduced, reused, and recycled old states of the union speeches that have failed him for four years.

It was boring. It was unoriginal. And it was filled with promises when he hasn’t kept his past promises.

2 – Comparing himself to Roosevelt and Lincoln when the more apt analogy, apparent to all, is to Carter…

3 – The move from stadium to arena due to “weather,” read “empty seats.”

4 – The “God and Jerusalem” fiasco

5 – Allowing himself to be upstaged by Bill Clinton proves that Clinton’s assessment of him as an “amateur” is still accurate.

I could go on, but you get the point.

The takeaway from the 2012 Democratic National Convention will be that Bill Clinton made Obama’s case much better than Obama did or ever could.

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