What’s Hot, What’s Not – DNC Edition


  • Democrats comparing Republicans to Nazi’s. [The Hill] – They’re real good at this…
  • Excerpts from Bob Woodward’s new book, “The Price of Politics”. [ABC News] – It’s hot in that it’s starting to dominate conversation. Unfortunately for President Obama it shows how adrift his White House actually is.
  • Coded language for abortion and same-sex marriage – There’s should be a drinking game called, “A woman’s right to choose” or “free to love who you want.”
  • President Obama’s 2008 acceptance speech [The Note] – Obama laid out how he should be judged in 2008. His own words paint his Presidency as the failure that it has become.

Not Hot

  • Climate Change [The Daily Caller] – Not an issue at the DNC.
  • Poverty [Right Turn] – With so many actual people in poverty this isn’t something Democrats want to talk about.
  • The words “abortion” and “same-sex marriage” or “gay marriage” – Oh sure they’re central themes of the convention, you just won’t hear anyone say those words.
  • Israel and God – Covered extensively yesterday…
  • President Obama’s brother George Obama [Fox News] – He’s not getting any help from Barack or Michelle.
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