Confirmed: Democrats Love Killing Babies, Hate God and Jews

One more time for emphasis:

And yet, the mainstream media says tea-parties are extremists because (wait for it) they want a smaller federal government.

Where is the narrative from the media that radicals have taken over the Democrat party? Because here’s video proof that they have.

If a man who happens to be white talking to an empty chair is a dog-whistle for racism, it’s pretty obvious from the last few days that Democrats love to kill babies but hate god and Jews.

What percentage of voters approve of taxpayer funding of partial birth abortion on demand? Less than 15%. That’s a horribly extreme position. Yet it’s the centerpiece of the Democratic convention. If Republicans run from this battle they are fools. It’s slam dunk victory.

It’s time for some major league push back on the media when they call republicans extremest. Big time.


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