But he’s so likeable

Conventional wisdom and a million media voices have told us Barack Obama is a very likeable guy.  It’s supposedly the  reason he’s even got a shot at re-election while unemployment hovers around 8% and America is languishing through the slowest economic recovery in its history.  Or quite possibly heading towards double dip land.  By all rights he should be dead in the water and quietly preparing for life after the Oval Office.  But he’s just so darn likeable.

Tell that to the Democrats down ticket.

The president does almost no fundraising for Senate or House candidates and hasn’t transferred money to other party election committees. His numerous campaign offices rarely coordinate with local candidates or display signs for anyone but Mr. Obama.

At rallies, Mr. Obama seldom urges supporters to volunteer — or even vote — for other Democrats running for office. Sometimes, he mentions other politicians in the room without noting that they are seeking re-election.  He rarely shares the stage with other candidates.

“He’s ultimately there to communicate where he wants to bring the country and the differences he has with Mitt Romney. He’s not out there campaigning all around the country for other candidates,” a senior Obama campaign official said. “It’s not that he doesn’t want them to get elected, but it’s a campaign event to elect him.” …

My colleague John Bresnahan reported earlier this year that the Obama campaign has signaled to congressional Democrats that they’re on their own.

Funny.  Googling “Obama republicans ‘you’re on your own’” returns 1.4 million hits.  It’s the standard Obama stump speech refrain – “Republicans believe you’re on your own.”  Oh, and “I think at some point you’ve made enough money” which is coupled with “The top 1% should pay their fair share.”

I’ll wager Barack Obama is among the top 1% in fundraising among Democrats.  Yet he’s completely unwilling to share his mountain of campaign funds with congressional Democrats.  You’re on your own.

How can it be that a President who has added more to the US national debt in four years than George Bush did in eight – a man who sees no limit to how many taxpayer dollars can be squeezed from the economy and into the pockets of his supporters – could be such a skinflint with his money when fellow Democrats need a little help?

Is it possible he’s not likeable at all but merely a shallow, self-absorbed, narcissistic sociopath who will say and do anything if it means clinging to power?  I’ve always believed actions speak louder than words.  Perhaps it’s time for Democrats to take a look at what Barack Obama actually does instead of getting thrills up their legs at his tired, pedestrian class warfare rhetoric.

Physician, heal thyself.

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