It’s Good To Be King

By now, everyone has heard and seen Obama’s response to Clint Eastwood’s empty chair bit at the Republican National Convention Thursday night.

For those who haven’t seen Obama’s witty retort, almost immediately after Eastwood’s jab, Barack ‘tweeted’ the following picture with the statement “This seat’s taken.”

King Barack the Dunce

King Barack the Dunce

“This seat’s taken.”

Classy stuff from Barack, considering, as Eastwood correctly stated,  “Politicians are employees of ours.”

After seeing this, my initial thought about his reaction was just how thin-skinned and petty Obama must be.  To be so initially bothered by someone having the audacity to poke fun at him, does not speak well of his self-control or his self esteem.

After thinking about this for a while, I came to realize just how arrogant this response really is..

It invokes the image of a King on a throne, believing the position is his, just by virtue of being him.

That seat is not “taken.”  It’s not his to take.  It has been temporarily loaned to King Barack by the citizens of this country.

It belongs to us.

You are not a king, Barack.  So don’t get too comfy.


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