Hot Mic At ABC News Tells You How They Feel About The Republican National Convention

There’s a bunch of cross-talk at the beginning of the ABC News Live Feed from the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Monday, but here’s the one line that is fairly easy to pick out.

They’re not concerned at all. They are happy to have a party with black people drowning. [Laughter]

Last we checked there weren’t any black people drowning in New Orleans, though plenty are being murdered in Chicago.

Here’s the feed archive. Remember all of the hot mic stuff happens in the first few seconds.

Update: Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard identifies the reporter as Yahoo New’s David Chalian.

Update 2: Yahoo has fired David Chalian, the Yahoo News DC Bureau Chief, and issued the following apology.

“David Chalian’s statement was inappropriate and does not represent the views of Yahoo!. He has been terminated effective immediately. We have already reached out to the Romney campaign, and we apologize to Mitt Romney, his staff, their supporters and anyone who was offended.”

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