Anderson Cooper Does His Job

CNN’s Anderson Cooper took DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to task on Democrat fundraising appeals that falsely attempt to tie Mitt Romney’s stance on abortion to comments made by Missouri’s Todd Akin.

I nearly fell off my chair watching Anderson Cooper actually doing his job; watch the whole 7-ish minutes:


The email Anderson Cooper is talking about can be found here. I had a similar one in my inbox from Sandra Fluke. You can read what I received (as well as the Truth Team email) in the post, Flashback: It’s Not ‘Rape-Rape’. Here’s a snippet from the Truth Team email:

#2 What the Romney-Ryan ticket would mean for women’s health
Akin’s views aren’t an aberration in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s Republican Party, which is extreme on women’s health issues. Their official party platform — written “at the direction of the Romney campaign,” according to the Los Angeles Times — supports outlawing all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. They want to defund Planned Parenthood. Ryan even cosponsored a bill with Akin to change the definition of rape. Take a look at our blog post about what a Romney-Ryan administration would mean for women, and share it with people you think need to see it:

Here’s a snippet from the Fluke letter, attempting to link Paul Ryan to Akin:

Just last year, Paul Ryan joined Todd Akin and more than 200 other Republicans in co-sponsoring legislation that would have narrowed the definition of rape, limiting which victims of rape were “legitimate” enough to receive financial assistance for access to abortion care.


Cooper also mentions an LA Times Article while questioning Wasserman Schultz:

Ron Paul delegates taking aim at Republican Party platform

TAMPA, Fla. _ It didn’t take long for strains within the Republican Party to surface Monday as national delegates got down to work on a final draft of the party platform, one week before the nominating convention opens.

Ron Paul delegates are making a diligent effort to wedge the defeated presidential candidate’s libertarian ideas into the party document. Among them: curbing the power of the Federal Reserve, enhancing the constitutional rights of individuals and opposing the overseas role of U.S. military forces.

“There is no doubt about who is in charge, of course. Delegates for presumptive nominee Mitt Romney are voting down substantive changes to the platform language that was written at the direction of Romney’s campaign. The biggest question is whether the tone remains polite, as it was at the outset of two days of deliberations, or whether dissenters spoil the image of harmony that the Romney campaign is working hard to produce.”


Further down:

“The platform is “a document for Mitt Romney to live by” and is “not going to be a document that we live by,” she told fellow Republican activists on the defense and foreign policy subcommittee.”

Read the whole thing, it’s not long beyond what I posted here. The article doesn’t even MENTION abortion or any other platform issue by name. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Lying Liar just like Stephanie Cutter. I’m sure Wasserman Schultz’s opponent, Karen Harrington, will have a field day with this latest interview. Let’s hope the trend of media actually doing their job continues. Kudos to Cooper for not letting go of this one.


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