New Rasmussen Poll Shows Todd Akin Trailing Claire McCaskill By 10 Points

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill has now jumped to a 10-point lead over her Republican challenger, Congressman Todd Akin, in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race. a 13 point turn around since Akin’s boneheaded “legitimate rape” comments. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Missouri finds Sen. Claire McCaskill earning 48% support to Rep. Todd Akin’s 38%. Nine percent (9%) like some other candidate in the race, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

Real Clear Politics poll history shows the apples to apples comparison.

Poll Date Sample McCaskill (D) Akin (R) Spread
Rasmussen Reports 8/22 - 8/22 500 LV 48 38 McCaskill +10
Rasmussen Reports 7/30 - 7/30 500 LV 44 47 Akin +3

While this is extremely bad news for Akin, it is good news for those urging him to drop out of the race. There are plenty of voters available to another Republican candidate to overtake McCaskill. Anyone but Akin has a good shot. In August, all three Republican run-off candidates were beating McCaskill.

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