Forget Bond, Here’s Your Fall Blockbuster – The Hope And The Change

The Hope and the Change chronicles the surprising personal journeys of 40 Democrats and Independents from across America who supported Barack Obama in 2008. They’re not so hopeful anymore.

The Daily Beast did a full summary of the how the film was made and what the producers are trying to accomplish.

The Hope and the Change, an hour-long film that will make its premiere at a screening next week at the Republican National Convention, complete with a planned introduction by one of the convention’s star speakers—perhaps keynoter Chris Christie. The film will go into theatrical release in selected cities in September, and, if all proceeds according to plan, will play several dozen times on a cable channel right up to election day.

..Sitting before [ Stephen K.] Bannon’s camera, the film’s subjects recall, in dreamy language, their memories of those hopeful moments of the Obama movement. “Everyone was just so excited for this, this savior of our nation,” says one woman. A young mother recalls, “It was just that hope, that spirit, it was just undeniable, the feeling you got watching him win, because you thought it was just this wind of change coming in and all of these things were going to be at least looked at if not done, taken care of for our country.”

Through the course of the film, the subjects tell how their hope turned to disappointment, as the economy floundered and Obama focused on health-care reform and presided over an explosion in government spending. “It actually is a feeling that I would best describe as resentment,” said one of the disillusioned.

“As I looked at that film, I understand why Chicago”—the Obama campaign—“never goes back to reminding people what they felt in 2008,” says [Pat] Caddell. “Politically, this speaks to what really is the Obama crisis.”

You can see the trailer for the film below.

This is one movie I can’t wait to see!

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