CNN Plays Where’s al-Waldo

It’s 12:00 pm. Do you know where your dictator’s wife is?

What registers as ‘news’ is an endlessly debatable, subjective argument. But what rates as ‘above the fold’ or top dead center headline news is much less so. For CNN this morning, there was no debate. The most consequential development in US and world events was a non-development: revisiting the missing persons report for Asma al-Assad, wife of brutal tyrannical dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Here’s a more lucid question: Do you really care where a mass murdering tyrannical dictator’s wife is?

A couple of quick observations:

  1. Does anyone – in or out of National Security circles – really care about where Weasel Neck’s pretty sex toy is?
  2. If CNN knew where she was and she stopped being “silent about her country’s mounting death toll,” would it save a single life or have any tangible consequence?
  3. Considering Question #2, do you need to revisit Question #1?
  4. If Asma “declared herself as a vocal defender of human rights” and her husband is a mass murdering dictator in hiding, which one of them is full of crap?
  5. Why does CNN (et al) constantly refer to wives of  murderous  tyrannical dictators as “first lady”?

Where is Asma Assad? Since she’s blonde and attractive, perhaps someone at CNN thinks her whereabouts matter to folks looking at the image that was top dead center of their news website this morning. As if whether she would “stand up or stand by her man” matters any more than the contents of the dumpster behind a grocery store in Gibson City, Illinois.

If she “stands up” in Syria (which is not where she is) she’s more likely to get shot on sight than heard. She married the monstrous spoiled brat who grew up to inherit daddy’s dictatorship. No one really cares much what she says or does now with the guillotine raised. That currency is debased.

In scanning the news, coming across CNN is an almost daily occurrence. Almost. One should make it daily – if only for the pure entertainment value of grab-bag surprise proportions.


Filed under “I might be dumb, but I ain’t stupid,” writer Joan Juliet Buck just 3 weeks ago “[told CNN] that Asma Asssad ‘duped’ her into believing she and her husband were ’empowering Syria’s youth’ just days before the regime began its brutal crackdown.”

Go figure…

Note to Ms. Buck: Please explain why or how you would want to or bring yourself to trust a brutal dictator and his wife regarding anything concerning the human condition. At best, you’re the dupe. At worst, you suffer from willful blindness inspired by a desire to fit the world into your self-perceived box rather than the reality-driven reverse. You mean well, but you’re just not starting on terra firma.

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