Possibly The Worst Impromptu Presser Ever

I just put out an article yesterday morning mocking President Obama’s latest favorite choice of interviewers and media outlets and who should step in front of the White House press corps yesterday afternoon – after 8 weeks of hiding? Yeah. Him.

Boy. Wow. I mean, whew… did Obama BLOW IT.

I’m sure he doesn’t think he blew it, but yeah, he really did. He dropped more major lie bombs in that one presser than he has in perhaps the last six months. I am sure we won’t be seeing his shadow in the press room again for another 8 weeks.

Here’s the quick recap of the carnage:

“Well, first of all, I’m not sure all those characteristics you laid out there are accurate,” Obama said. “For example, nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon.” – Source: Free Beacon (video at link) More: Weasel Zippers – Obama Lies (video)

“I mean, the assumption should be you do what previous presidential candidates did dating back for decades. And Governor Romney’s own dad says, well, the reason I put out ten or twelve years is because any single year might not tell you the whole story.” – Source: Breitbart

“You can’t just make stuff up.  That’s what you learn as president of the United States.” – Source: CNS via Weasel Zippers

“When you run for President, your life is an open book.” – Source: Breitbart (video)

Jake Tapper had the best moment of the entire event, when he called after the departing President, “Don’t be a stranger!”  – Source: Free Beacon (video)


One true thing came out of this event: Joe Wilson was vindicated.


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