More Occupiers Acquitted

Recently, a Charlotte Judge acquitted three occupiers and now a Raleigh Judge follows suit. The arrests were conducted last October. Multiple people were blocking sidewalks and refused to move. The back story is here.

Local news isn’t covering the story as of this blog post, but I found this on

On Friday, August 17, two Occupy Raleigh protestors were acquitted on all charges. The judge ruled that they had a constitutional right to remain seated peacefully on the edge of the sidewalk, as part of their demonstration against economic injustice and, more specifically, to defend an older disabled woman who was being harassed by State Capitol police to give up her chair. Unfortunately, the North Carolina judges who ruled on other protestors’ cases were not so clear-headed, as some have been found guilty and are engaged in a lengthy appeal.

There’s a long ‘first person account‘ of the arrests posted there as well. Very dramatic. A second account was also posted. More of the same drama over blocking a sidewalk and the subsequent shock of being arrested for ignoring police instructions. Why not simply move to the grass? Because that wouldn’t be as dramatic or garner T.V. time.

They blocked a sidewalk, were told to move and when they refused they were arrested. See for yourself. I’ve posted a lengthy video below. Watch the opening minutes where the officer tells them not to block the sidewalk and then you can skip the typical chanting bits and hit the 8:45 mark for the arrests. Note the handicapped parking mirror hanger the one woman is wearing around her neck. Classic.

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