Obama Avoids NC

When was the last time President Obama came to North Carolina? Having trouble remembering? Perhaps that’s because it was back in April. To help jog your memory, Obama spent his time speaking to college students at UNC Chapel Hill and appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show.

So, why the long gap in visits? The answer is simple: Gas and Jobs.

Gas is climbing in North Carolina. The current average as of August 20 is $3.682 — up almost 34 cents from last week. Around the corner from me, the gas signs read $3.769 which makes my wallet cringe.

Jobs are also a big problem in North Carolina. Especially in Charlotte, (9.9% in Mecklenburg County) the host to the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Obama is likely dodging the rising unemployment rate in North Carolina which has now jumped well above the national unemployment average of 8.3% to 9.6%.

It would seem President Obama has been steering clear of the Tarheel state with its rising unemployment rate and matching rising gas prices, preferring instead to send his wife and VP Biden to face the music in North Carolina.  The President will come for the big party and leave North Carolinians with the mounting bills. Par for the course with this President.


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