Great Moments In FORWARD: Avoiding The WH Press Corps.

Social magazines and entertainment news outlets are the new White House Press Corps. according to Obama Campaign Spokeswoman, Stephanie Cutter. The same Stephanie Cutter who lied about knowing Joe Soptic when the Obama Super-PAC put out its ad implying Romney caused Soptic’s wife’s death.

Ms. Cutter thinks that Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine are where people get their news and are equally as important as the White House Press Corps:


Avoiding the serious questions between now and election day seems to be the Obama campaign’s new strategy:


Perhaps Team Obama saw the report on the decline of News outlet credibility and are tailoring their press engagements around that, or it could be Team Obama realizes people have woken up and are acknowledging that the media is in the tank for him. Probably a bit of both.

I can hardly wait for President Kardashian to cue up another interview with The View or try out his hand with Perez Hilton next. At any rate, from the cover,  it looks like Newsweek won’t be getting an interview anytime soon.


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